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77 78 The pastry heart is a heart shaped flaky puff pastry, similar to a palmier or palm leaves pastry, that is usually topped with a white sugar icing that has a hard shell but is soft on the inside.
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Pastry bag or piping bag: A disposable or reusable bag that is often cone-shaped, used to make an even stream of dough, frosting, or flavored substance to form a structure, decorate a baked item, or fill a pastry with a custard, cream, jelly, or other filling.
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Easy foolproof pastry for pies. Staple flaky pastry for pies. Easy Never Fail Pastry. French shortcrust pastry. Shortcrust pastry for sweet and savoury pies. Traditional shortcrust pastry. Simple Shortcrust Pastry. Easy shortcrust pastry. No butter pie pastry. Dessert shortcrust pastry.
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Place the flat of your hands lightly on each end of the pin and begin to roll the dough backwards and forwards dont be tempted to roll from side to side, gently and evenly, re-dusting the pin and the surface very lightly with flour if you need to stop the pastry sticking.
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Wrap the dough in cling film as before and chill for 1015 minutes before using. How to make puff pastry. By Marcus Bean. See more How to make pastry recipes 11. Gluten-free savoury pastry. By Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney.

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