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Which language is learned by a child depends on which language is spoken by the child's' community. The capacity is inherited, but the particular language is learned. Children have a special period, from about 18 months to about four years, which is critical for learning the language.
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A group of languages that descend from a common ancestor is known as a language family; in contrast, a language that has been demonstrated to not have any living or non-living relationship with another language is called a language isolate.
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He's' learning English as a second language. a new word that has recently entered the language the formal language of the report the beauty of Shakespeare's' language She expressed her ideas using simple and clear language. He is always careful in his use of language.
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Other members of the animal kingdom have the ability to communicate, through vocal noises or by other means, but the most important single feature characterizing human language that is, every individual language, against every known mode of animal communication, is its infinite productivity and creativity.
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In language courses and Specializations, youll learn to speak, write, and listen effectively in major global languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and more. Whether youre learning a foreign language or improving your communication skills in your native language, coursework in this area will help you understand grammar and syntax conventions, and will prepare you to communicate with confidence in both business interactions and casual conversation.

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